Where Will I Lose Weight First? 5 Common Weight Loss Questions Answered

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You’re putting the time into buying good food. You’re skipping the inside aisles of the supermarket and sticking to the fresh stuff. You’re keeping foods out of your body that have out-of-control ingredient lists.

You’re eating balanced meals, but not going so overboard as to run out of motivation.

And still — you’ve got some questions.

And that’s why I’m here. I took a lot of the really typical questions that my clients throw me — specifically on the subject of weight loss — and put them together into this article. Let’s go!

Where Will I Lose Weight First?

First on, last off. While this rule isn’t really set-in-stone, and no one has yet been able to figure out exactly why our bodies send fat to different areas depending on the person (it’s a combination of genetics, what you eat, and your patterns of movement), this is a good general rule to follow.

So — if you were once pretty trim, and your first 10+ pounds went right to your stomach, you can (generally) bet those will be the most difficult to lose, while that recent weight in your thighs, or around your chin, or wherever might come off easier.

You can’t spot train any of this stuff away, so don’t worry about it. You can sculpt individual muscles, but you don’t want to concentrate on over-sculpting your abs just because you’ve got a beer gut going.

Balance and patience are key here.

Can I Take Weight Off My Stomach?

Again — spot training doesn’t exist. So yeah, you can take weight off your stomach, but you might also take some weight off your hips, your legs, or any other part of your body that’s storing excess fat.

Another problem with hoping to reduce our stomachs is that it’s a lot harder to get them completely flat, and we don’t often see the results we’ve made because there’s always still that little possibility of having fat down there.

The stomach is one of the least flattering areas to stare at in a mirror when you’re trying to figure out if you’ve lost any weight. Try and use different metrics, like measurements, or how well your clothes seem to be fitting, instead of just fixating on getting rid of your gut.

What’s More Important, Diet or Exercise?

No one knows!

No, seriously, there’s no either/or option here — they are both fundamentally important. Some trainers will tell you that it’s 80% diet, and there’s a very good case to be made for that.

But hang on — there’s a whole world of people who have been focusing exclusively on diet for decades without any results. So there’s that.

The more important thing is actually to get rid of this mentality that says the two aren’t intertwined. If you’re exercising, focus on your diet too. If you’re working on what you’re eating, make sure you’re exercising. If you’re going intense with one aspect of healthy living, go intense with the other.

Do I Have to Stay on A Diet Forever?

If you’re on a fad diet, no. You won’t be able to stay on it forever because none of those diets are designed to make you stay on them that long. They’re made just for short-term efforts, or until the next book comes out.

You do need to pay attention to what you eat for your entire life. But if you get away from thinking of that as a traditional “diet” and more just “eating well”, these kind of questions magically tend to fade away and don’t cause much worry in the end.

Shouldn’t I Do A Lot of Cardio and Running First to Lose Fat?

Another classic — “I can’t start strength training until I’ve sweat off all the pounds!

Don’t treat this as either/or. Just like diet & exercise, strength & cardio are necessary partners. There’s no need to fixate on one or the other when a combination of both will serve you best.

And please don’t come to the gym and just use the cardio machines. It’s the most inefficient (and time & money-wasting) thing you could do!

Talk to a trainer and get a balanced plan going instead.

Ask Me About Fitness Advice

Hope I’ve answered some of your biggest questions! Ask away in the comments if you’ve got any more — I’ve got answers for you! cheap Betapace


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  1. Comment by Jaynee — August 4, 2010 @ 4:03 pm

    Thank you for posting this article. I tend to lean a little towards the weight loss articles and yours was quite interesting and accurate,.

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